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I am Chaitanya Sagar, an Excel Expert and an Excel consultant. I bring with me high productivity so you can get your work done fast the best possible way and still save money. I do small projects from one hour to large projects. I can do financial models, custom applications and custom spreadsheets using formulas and VBA (Visual Basic Applications), dashboards, reports and analysis. Check out the video and my work below. I use screen sharing tools like WebEx or GoToMeeting to communicate well. My rate is $39 an hour and am cost effective. To know how I can help you, call me at 646.583.0001 or write to me for a quick response.

Excel Consulting Assignments

  • Custom Excel Applications
  • Financial Modeling
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • VBA Macros
  • Formula Help
  • Data Cleanup
  • Corporate Excel Training

Excel Financial Modeling and Consulting

I built a number of financial models over the years. Among them are financial modeling for a nanotech research company, an old age emergency response company, a payroll company, a theater company, a restaurant chain, fresh food company and a beer company. So we have handled a variety of clientele across the US and across industries. I have assisted a number of companies raise funds for their business. We are also adept at Advanced Excel Modeling and VBA programming. That is how my team and I have become excel financial modeling experts. If you would like to know how we can help, just ask us and we will get back to you.


  • Fast response
  • We help you think through your business model
  • Dynamic Financial Statements (Income statement, Balance sheet and Cash flow)
  • Discounted Cash flow
  • Dashboards - high quality dashboards with What-If Scenarios
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Presentable documents
  • Support during iterations with investors

You have crafted a powerful analytical tool for us.
- Alan Benjamin
Principal, Benjamin Realty Advisors

Case Study: Mr. N was looking for someone to help him put together a business plan and a financial model for his emergency research company. He wanted it really fast because the board meeting was round the corner. He got in touch with p2w2. We helped him first think through various aspects of his marketing and sales plan, and various operational strategies. We then put together a business model that has a dashboard, best case, worst case and most-likely scenarios and what-if analysis. The client had multiple iterations with his investors and p2w2 supported him throughout. The client was happy and has become a repeat customer after that.

Dashboard Reporting

I habe helped clients in creating Excel based reports, from raw data. I have worked on reports that deal with huge chunks of data. For reports that are iterative in nature, I have reviewed and analyzed the feedback and have made appropriate changes. As spreadsheet designers, we focus on good design as well and give you a presentable and customized spreadsheets.

NealWhen you hire this team it's like hiring a partner, not a contractor. The passion and Intelligence they bring to every project leave you asking "how can we use this company for more." If you have any task big or small I suggest you to use p2w2, you can't afford not to. - Neal Mody, Ambature.

Case Study: The client, George was a retail based supplier who had to upload Excel reports about his supplies on Amazon. He was looking for an Excel Expert who could help him prepare the upload format. I helped convert the raw data he had into Amazon’s upload format. After analyzing Amazon’s error reports I reviewed and incorporated the necessary changes to the Excel report. I also tutored George so that he could generate a report from the existing template for new data.

Excel Modeling Consulting

I have done a variety of Excel Models involving business understanding and optimization. We bring business knowledge to the table. So it is easy for you to explain and we put Excel to work. We give you various options to choose from and let you choose how you want your problem to be solved. Apart from functionality, look-and-feel is extremely important so you can present it to your boss, investors or a prospective client. If you would like to know how we can help, just ask us and we will get back to you.

Excel Models I handled

  • Pricing Models
  • Revenue Projection Models
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Inventory Modeling
  • Customer Value Models
    (quantify benefits of products or services)

When compared to others, I got significantly more value for my money from p2w2. They brought business knowledge to the table and are very easy to work with.
        - Sheldon Toiv, Freedom Phone

Case Study: Chris, a lawyer was approached by sales people who wanted to verify if they had indeed got the correct commission. Chris was looking for an Excel Consultant and got in touch with me to help him in this Excel modeling project. The input given to me was a complex sales commission model. Chris was happy that I saved him hours of tedious number crunching.

Excel Conversion

I have expertise in converting data from different formats into Excel. Employing me as your Excel Consultant will help you capture your data from various sources into a single Excel file, in an efficient manner.

p2w2 quickly solved my Excel macro problem! Need a cost effective way to outsource a business task? Check it out!
         - Beth Armstrong, Norseman Defense Technologies.

Case Study: Henry, a lawyer, approached me, an Excel Consultant, with 9-10 Microsoft Word documents which he wanted to convert to a single Excel document with multiple sheets. Based on the values that Henry would enter in the Main Sheet, the field values in the remaining sheets should change correspondingly. It was quite a challenge to maintain the formatting in the Excel sheet just as it looked like in the Word documents. Henry appreciated the fact that we delivered this project, well on time.

Custom Invoice Templates and Proposal Formats

I worked on invoice templates where you have standard rates and item descriptions. I can make standard item descriptions and rates flow into invoice or proposal sheets. In many cases, items flow over to second or third page and we make sure page numbers are accurate. Some templates also involved standard addresses or integration between QuickBooks customer information and Excel template so that the template can import address from QuickBooks. We made invoices and templates look professional. You can even print to PDF and mail them to customers!

Expert Excel VBA Programming

I am a VBA Programmer and I have done a variety of macros that take data from a source and convert that into more readable report/ another format that is machine readable or something that can be input into another process. I have VBA programmers with me who are good at programming while I do the task of a Business Analyst cum Excel Consultant.

Excel Corporate Training

I am a Microsoft Excel Trainer and I train rookies to executives in Microsoft Excel. You will get opportunities to ask questions, see me in action and learn. With my business knowledge and vast experience in using Excel I can help them learn Excel fast and put the training to work. I trained people before virtually and in classroom. I can take up Excel training classes at your office. I can train in groups from 5 to 50 people. You get hands-on experience in the training itself and I give Excel problems for you so you can take home what is taught in the class room. If you would like to know how I can help you, write to me or call me at 646.583.0001.

Business Plan Writing

Combining both my writing and Excel Expert knowledge, is my business plan writing offering. I have raised capital for my own venture and helped many others start off by writing their business plans. I have extensive research skills that help me understand any business fast and write a good business plan. I combine my Excel Consultant services along with my business knowledge to deliver the best for my clients.

My Successes in Excel

Save Time by employing me as your Excel Consultant

Among the assignments I handled, I saved 90% (i.e. 10 days of the 11 days that were used before) of the time used in generating reports. My customers then spent less time number crunching and more time analyzing and adding value to their employers.

Excel Expert Transforms Budgeting into an Analysis Exercise

My customers employed expensive Accountants who spent their time in crunching numbers time and again instead of focusing on adding value by analyzing and generating insights. The budgeting exercise was in fact a mind numbing exercise where they crunched the same numbers time and again. I made them a couple of templates that essentially cut down all the number crunching and helped them iterate fast. That focused the customer and the Accountants on What-If analysis instead of just copy pasting data from one place to another. The client was happy that his budgeting has become much more intellectual exercise as a result of employing me as their Excel Consultant.

My rate

For Financial and other modeling, I charge $39/hour. My rate is $29/hour for data manipulation and related work if you engage me for more than 40 hours a month. You can pay using PayPal. We are PayPal verified.
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My Credentials - An Excel Expert

I have an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, which is the top business school in India. In addition, I have a Chartered Accountancy Degree (equivalent to CPA in US) and Company Secretaryship (Law degree). I had worked thousands of hours on Excel. That's why I am an Excel Expert. In addition, I am a certified Microsoft Office Specialist and Excel Expert.

Excel Expert and Excel Consultant


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What impressed me the most was how fast you responded, how fast you grasped what I needed accomplished, and your friendliness and willingness. WOW! You did MORE than I had hoped. The price was worth every penny. Thank you.
    - Chris Singer, Owner, Creekstone Inn & Silver Pines Lodge

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