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At Perceptive Analytics, we have a team of Microsoft Excel Consultants that provide awesome solutions to clients. Every minute, we have one goal in mind — to deliver the best solutions for your company and a fabulous experience for you. We always:

  • Listen and ask the right questions so we understand you
  • Suggest alternatives so you know the options available
  • Show you mockups so you know what the output will be like
  • Give you timelines and keep them
  • Strive for excellence so you know we are the best in this field
We are best suited for long-term partnerships with companies. We offer free, no obligation consulting and provide a quote. Our charges start at just $39 an hour (8 hours min) for a programmer. Use this form to reach us for a quick response. If it's urgent, you can even call our CEO, Chaitanya Sagar, at (646) 583 0001. If he does not pick up, he usually responds to all emails and voice mails within 8 hours.

Excel Apps

excel apps


excel apps

Financial Models

excel apps

  • Custom Excel Applications
  • VBA Macros
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Financial Analysis and Models
Just schedule a free consultation, use this form to reach us for a quick response. If it is urgent, call at 646.583.0001.


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Sales Reports Automation

We have expert VBA Programmers and have done a variety of macros that take data from a source and convert that into more readable report/ another format that is machine readable or something that can be input into another process. We have VBA programmers with me who are good at programming while managers do the task of a Business cum Excel Consultant.

Save Time by employing us as your Excel Consultants

Among the assignments we handled, we saved 90% (i.e. 10 days of the 11 days that were used before) of the time used in generating reports. Our customers then spent less time number crunching and more time analyzing and adding value to their employers.

Excel Expert Transforms Budgeting into an Analysis Exercise

My customers employed expensive Accountants who spent their time in crunching numbers time and again instead of focusing on adding value by analyzing and generating insights. The budgeting exercise was in fact a mind numbing exercise where they crunched the same numbers time and again. We made them a couple of templates that essentially cut down all the number crunching and helped them iterate fast. That focused the customer and the Accountants on What-If analysis instead of just copy pasting data from one place to another. The client was happy that his budgeting has become much more intellectual exercise as a result of employing me as their Excel Consultant.

Our Rates

Our rates start at $39/hour for an analyst. You can pay using a credit card, check or PayPal. Convenience fee applies to all payments except check or ACH transfers.

Our CEO - Chaitanya Sagar, an Excel Expert

Chaitanya has an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, which is the top business school in India. In addition, he has a Chartered Accountancy Degree (equivalent to CPA in US) and Company Secretaryship (Law degree). CS has been providing Microsoft Excel Consulting from over 7 years now and he has clocked thousands of hours on Excel. That's why he is an Excel Expert. In addition, he is a certified Microsoft Office Specialist and Excel Expert. He has several Microsoft Excel Consultants working with him.

Excel Expert and Excel Consultant

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