How to Remove Duplicates Using Advance Filter?

Removing duplicates is one of the important tasks, when we work with database in excel. Many times you encounter a situation where you need to remove duplicate records/data. In the following article we tried explaining you ‘How to remove duplicates using Advanced Filter’, hope this articles helps you!

Data before removing duplicates.

advanced filter

Data after removing duplicates.

advanced filter in excel

Let us follow step by step process for removing duplicates using Advanced Filter.

Select a cell in your data set and choose Data from menu.
Select Filter and select Advanced from Sort and Filter group.

advance filter excel

Advanced Filter dialogue box appears.

excel advanced filters

Enter the range of data containing duplicates in the box provided for List range.

Here the List range is ‘$B$3:$C$16’.

Check the box Unique Records Only and click OK.
advanced filtering in excel
advanced filtering in excel

Excel removes duplicates and provide

you a unique list of records.


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  1. It looks like rows 12 and 14 are just hidden. I like the function, but I would need a sum total of the payroll column. Will this function exclude these two duplicates from that total?

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