We Have a New Office Now!

p2w2 now has a new office. Till now, we have been working out of my residential apartment. Below are pictures of the old office we have been working out of.

That is Amit (grey shirt) and I (red shirt) working from there. The discussion in the picture was of course made up. 🙂 Ravikiran (picture below) should have been in these old office pictures but for the injury he sustained.

p2w2\'s new office!p2w2\'s old office!p2w2\'s new office!

I would really like to thank Sahiti, my wife, for all the support she gave when we worked out of her home.  We invaded her kitchen and privacy but she was patient through out. She went out of her way and cooked for us and cleaned the place and innumerable times supplied refreshments, so we could focus on the work. Thank you!

I would also like to thank Vidya Sagar who has helped us in a number of ways including designing our logo, designing and printing business cards etc. He is a great advertisements guy and knows how to network! He is now the most punctual guy around. He took all these pictures! Thank you!

Thanks are due to a number of others who have supported us. Pratibha K, Vikas Arya, Koteswara Rao, Krishna Rao (my father), Jayabharathi Devi (my mother), RK Kalluri (Playgroundonline), Devan Rajashekar, Rohit Kundaji, Vinay Kumar, Will Swayne, Emil Pindur, Raghavendra Prabhu, Anita Campbell, Jason D’mello and Sandeep Shroff who have all supported us in different forms.

We opened our office on 2nd December, 2008. We did a puja (a prayer) and occupied the premises.

Below is me (Chaitanya) and Sahiti preparing to start the puja.

p2w2\'s new office!

Puja arrangements

p2w2\'s new office!

Amit, Akhada (Amit’s wife), Chaitanya, and Sahiti busy in the puja. The little girl is Samiksha, Amit’s daughter.

p2w2\'s new office!

Ravi Kiran, p2w2’s Product Lead. Ravi was injured recently. He got his leg fractured and still attended the puja and has been working out of home. Thanks Ravi! It has been great working with you.

p2w2\'s new office!

This is little Samikha. She was uncontrollable during the puja.  🙂

Below are pictures of our friends from Investment Yogi and New Energy Finance who share the office with us. That is Mamtha and Deepika.

p2w2\'s new office!

That’s Madhu, Kiran, Deepika (almost hidden) and Shravan all from Investment Yogi.

p2w2\'s new office!

View of the office from outside
p2w2\'s new office!

View of the office from inside

p2w2\'s new office!

p2w2\'s new office!

25 Replies to “We Have a New Office Now!”

  1. Hi Chaitanya,

    All the very best to you and Amit! I am sure theres lot more success to follow 🙂


  2. Wow now that is great! Congratulations chaitanya for this wonderful leap. I hope and i know you and amit would do great wonders in the coming time.

  3. Congrats for getting the new office! Whatever little experience I have in these matters, I have realised that having a work address is kickass! Especially if you can keep having as much fun doing what you do but still keep up the deadpan corporate face when needed 😀

  4. Hi Chaitanya ji,

    Mujhe aapke y website or msgs padker bhut aucha laga . u r a ginys. in excel . i have a tittle problem. i work in compny i want tro make ICR ( Claim ratio Report) in Excel . but i can’t do much .if u read it kindly send me msg in harshabisht990@gmail.com

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