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Reduce Costs and Improve Profitability

Our cost and profitability insights will help you make smart decisions. With our business knowledge and expertise in finance, we provide you suggestions to invest smart, manage costs, and improve profitability of your business.

Project Profitability Analysis

Identify Profitable Projects. Get More Revenue.

You manage many projects. Some of them may be profitable, some others are not. With profitability analysis, we will help you find projects that have highest profits. You can focus on these, and so cut down on unnecessary costs.

Customer Profitability Analysis

Focus and Grow Your Profitable Customers

Not all of your customers are profitable. Focusing on profitable customers helps you generate more profit. This will lead to growth. Our customer profitability analysis will help you identify profitable customers.

  • Activity based costing – This technique is used to assign cost to every activity involved in serving your customer and compare this cost with revenue generated.

Cost Analysis

Spend on growth, not waste

With our Cost Analysis services, we analyze your costs and find areas where you can save and channel savings to generate growth. Our analysis helps you cut waste and increase profits.

  • ABC analysis – Using this analysis we determine the quantity and value of each resource to produce a service or product. This analysis will help to determine the amount of inventory and helps mange inventory cost efficiently.
  • Pareto’s law – According to this law, 20% of the resources will contribute to 80% of the costs. So, efficient management of these 20% of resources will minimize 80% of the costs.

Inventory Analysis
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Marketing Cost Analysis

Spend Smart in your Marketing

Our Marketing Cost Analysis service will help you identify costs in your marketing mix. This analysis will determine ROI on each marketing activity, giving you an estimate of your efficiency in marketing activities.

Profitability Analysis

Identify and Invest in Most Profitable Ventures

We will analyze the ventures you want to invest and suggest you most profitable venture. We analyze by determining the time each venture would take to repay the initial payment and amount of profit it generates.

  • Break even analysis - Using break even analysis we analyze the sales, expenses and profits to determine at what point the project you invested will start making profit.

Product Profitability Analysis

Identify Right Product Mix. Increase Profits

With our product profitability analysis, you can identify cost effective product mix, refine pricing strategies to improve profits.

  • Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis – CVP analysis takes into consideration price, sales, expenses incurred and determines the profitability of a product.

Support Your Decisions with Custom Reports

With our custom reporting skills, we help you in creating custom reports for your analysis. In the process, we understand your requirement by consulting you and asking questions about the assumptions to be able to get to your custom reports. You can present these reports as they are, to support your decisions.

Expert Excel VBA programming

We have done a variety of macros that take data from a source and convert that into more readable report/ another format that is machine readable or something that can be input into another process. We have VBA programmers who are good at programming.

My Credentials - An Excel Expert

I have an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, which is the top business school in India. In addition, I have a Chartered Accountancy Degree (equivalent to CPA in US) and Company Secretaryship (Law degree). I had worked thousands of hours on Excel. That's why I am an Excel Expert.


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P2W2 has been a lifesaver. I needed some business research and graphs created in a hurry. They took the ball and ran with it, and came back quickly with completed charts showing all the data I had requested. It was a fast, painless process for me and the results have been well worth it.
    - Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends, Cleveland, Ohio

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