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Perceptive Analytics specializes in Financial Modeling with a six year track record of serving more than 300 clients in the US, Europe, Australia, Middle East and India. We serve medium to large sized companies, investment banks, hedge funds, CXOs, and management consultants derive strategic insights with our robust financial models. We create investor friendly financial models that consistently pass investors and bankers. We have best-in-class consultants using best practices in financial modeling and state-of-the-art technology to deliver world-class financial models.

Financial Modeling

Audience: CXOs, Entrepreneurs, Management Consultants, Investment Bankers, Hedge Funds and Fund Managers

Solutions: Mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, strategic transformation, operational financial reporting, joint ventures, strategic initiatives, asset divestiture, financial statement review, business plan evaluation etc.

Benefits: Quick turnaround, convince investors of your strategies, do not give up equity more than what is necessary, incorporate deep understanding operational metrics in strategy, save time, at-a-glance dashboards, business-focused consultants, deep corporate finance expertise, and robust models.


Audience: CXOs, Entrepreneurs, Management Consultants, Vice Presidents and SVPs in-charge of budgeting

Solutions: Solid budget projections, rolled up department budgets, dashboards with graphs and charts, What if analysis and Scenario analysis

Benefits: Quick turnaround, ground-up and convincing budgets, assess profitability and risk, at-a-glance dashboards, ability to take end-to-end responsibility, ability to maintain confidentiality across departments, ability to incorporate Budget Vs Actual, What-if and scenario analysis, business-focused consultants, and robust models.

Model Audit

Audience: CXOs, Entrepreneurs, Management Consultants, Investment Bankers, Hedge Funds and Fund Managers, Vice Presidents and SVPs

Solutions: Complete model audit with business knowledge, stress testing, formula check, readability and presentation audit, accounting check

Benefits: Quick turnaround, Stress test models, reduce model risk, complete audit trail with ability to trace tested assumptions, readability and presentation audit, thoroughness.

Decision Support

Audience: CXOs, Entrepreneurs, Management Consultants, SVPs and VPs

Solutions: Interactive decision support tools, scenario and what-if analysis, Strategic initiatives, contract negotiation, compensation modeling, litigation modeling

Benefits: Quick turnaround, convince investors of your strategies, do not give up equity more than what is necessary, incorporate deep understanding operational metrics in strategy, save time, at-a-glance dashboards, business-focused consultants, deep corporate finance expertise, and robust models.


Audience: CXOs, Entrepreneurs, Management Consultants, Investment Bankers, Hedge Funds managers and other Fund Managers, Vice Presidents and SVPs

Solutions: Robust revenue or expense modeling, complex formula support

Benefits: Quick turnaround, tap expertise for specific areas and complete model on time, independent advice, make the model work.

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Large Medium Projects

We are interested in taking up large and medium sized projects. We can scale quickly and can serve listed companies, mutual funds, and other fund managers.


You work with professionals. We create mockups that give you the look and feel of the end product. Because of this, you minimize communication gap and risk in the project. You can give feedback early and we incorporate it helping reduce cost and time needed to get your model. You can always fine tune your project after the first draft.


When you do business with us, you are always in control. Information about your project will come to you on time. We call you or email you to make sure we are accessible to you when you need us. The phone number and email ID of our CEO will always be accessible to you.

Sample Financial Modeling Projects

Financial Modeling for a Silicon Valley Hi-Tech Company

Case Study
The CEO of a recently funded silicon valley (San Francisco) based hi-tech company wanted to control the strategic direction of the company. The company was making investments in sales and marketing, hiring, inventory and new product development. Sales, though they have started, are still trickling in. He wanted to assess cash position on a regular basis and evaluate various sales and investment strategies.

We have provided a comprehensive financial model that covers all the departments – new product development and engineering, sales and other overheads, and inventory. Revenue modeling with order-to inventory and sales modeling that integrates into the rest of the financial gives one-click scenario analysis for various levels of investment and sales scenarios. The model generates income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement instantly. The model also has awesome dashboard that summarizes key performance indicators. To build something like this, do get in touch with us.

Startup Funding: Financial Model for a New York based Start Up

Case Study
A startup company that is into emergency response systems approached us to build a financial model so the client can approach an investor. The client was in a hurry and needed quick turnaround.

Perceptive swung into action. We assessed client’s business needs and investor’s preferences. We created a financial model that has three scenarios – best case, most likely and worst case. Critical assumptions (like pricing and key costs) have to be entered as scenarios and the client can select which scenario she wants to present. A clean dashboard presents a comprehensive picture to the investor. If you would like something like this to be created, contact us.

Company Valuation for a Private Equity Fund

Case Study
A private equity fund was contemplating investments into a flight operations company and wanted us to value the company ground up. Specific areas of concern were multiple areas of operation of the company, growth projections, cost estimates and future cash flow projections.

Perceptive Analytics has domain knowledge in aviation sector. We have created a comprehensive model that takes revenue projections based on number of air crafts served, the company’s current pricing structure, company’s projections and investment plans. The model has a dashboard that enables what-if scenarios and shows instantly the impact of revised strategies on valuation. We have performed two types valuation based on discounted cash flow and EBIDTA multiple based valuation. To have something like this created for you, do get in touch with us.

Outsourced Budgeting Consulting for a Medium Sized Company

Case Study
The CEO of a medium sized company approached Perceptive to create budget for the company. The company did not have internal budgeting capability. The CEO wanted to reign in expenses, avert an impending cash crunch and understand the impact of planned investments and explore variances. The CEO was keen to maintain confidentiality between departments.

Perceptive, with its experience in creating such budgets for a number of companies, created a five part budget model. The department budget components can be torn apart and sent to departments. The corporate model was sent to the CEO and CFO. After training the team members in budgeting and establishing the ground rules and common understanding for the whole company, the budget was put together. A detailed analysis of non-budgeted items and over budgeted expenses report was sent to the CEO who asked the team to correct them. The CEO was able to start budgeting as a competence. If you would like us to help you in your budgeting process, please write to us.

Monte Carlo Simulation for Contract Negotiation

Case Study
The client is a celebrity chef. He was negotiating a multi-million dollar contract with a hotel company. He needed help in proposing new terms with them and understanding how those terms affect his payouts.

Perceptive Analytics first understood clearly the client Case Study. We learnt about the relationship the client shared with his counter party because negotiation is in good part, about relationships. After understanding the client’s options, we put together terms that we feel the client could use. We then created a model with what if analysis capability that shows payouts for various terms. We simulated using Monte-Carlo technique and this resulted in showing possible outcomes and most likely outcomes. Using this model the client was prepared and could negotiate because he understood clearly the impact of his negotiations. If you would like something like this to be created, contact us.

Credit Line Analysis

Case Study
The client is a CFO of a medium sized electronics company based in Chicago. The CFO wanted us to put together a model that will help him predict the credit line the company would need next year.

We collected revenue projections and key cost and cash position drivers. We have a complete financial model that puts together all the assumptions and computes cash flow. It predicts the maximum credit line that the company could go in for. Using this model, the company could negotiate better with the banker. If you would like something like this to be created, contact us.


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