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15 Years of Excel Consultant Experience. 350+ Customers Served.
Who we are, and why we can help

Welcome! At Perceptive Analytics, we are Microsoft Excel Consultants that provide awesome excel applications to our clients in Norwalk,CT. Every minute, we have one goal in mind — to deliver the best solutions to your company and a fabulous experience to you!

  • We served 350+ clients. We have an experience of 15+ years in excel consulting.
  • We take up projects from all over US.
  • From complex projects to simple ones, we work on all.
  • We get results, which is why marque brands trust us.
  • We work on operations, finance, marketing, sales, legal and customer service areas.
  • We work on the following types of projects:
  • VBA macros Dashboards
    Pivot tables Report automation
    Formulas Workflow and other tools
    Charts Web scraping tools
    Google Spreadsheets Financial analysis & modeling

  • We offer free, no-obligation consulting and provide a quote.
How we can help you

1. Work on your Excel/VBA project

We understand that if you want to improve a process or automate a tool, you need help. If you know exactly what you want to create, great! Just send us your description and we would be happy to give you a quote. If not, just setup a time with us. We will discuss your needs and propose options and you choose the best that works for you. After that, we provide a quote and after you approve, start. We show mockups, implement feedback an create your project. We demo final product and we will do any minor adjustments required. Let's get started!.

2. Run programs/reports for you

If you are interested in us helping you create and run/deliver reports on a regular basis, we will be happy to do so. Just get in touch with us. Our Excel experts can get started right away.

3. Add us to your team

If you want to add one of our excel consultants to your team, we can enable that. We work remotely and our team memebers works regularly with yours. We do phone calls and GoToMeeting/ other screen sharing software and ensure your work gets done on time. Just get in touch with us.

Customer Locations



325 N. St. Paul Street
Suite 3100
Dallas, TX 75201
(646) 583 0001



201 S. Biscayne Blvd.
28th Floor
Miami, FL 33131
(305) 600 0950

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Excel consultant

Automate Sales Report
Speed up intelligence
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Excel consultant

Simple Quick Reports
Information at your finger tips

excel apps

Excel consultant

Dashboards - Get Insights Fast
Analyze in under 5 seconds!

excel apps

Excel consultant

Excel Apps Streamline Process and Cut Costs
Access info fast and delegate effortlessly

excel apps

Automate Branch Dashboard
Know branch level performance

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Excel consultant

Financial Models that Convince Investors
Convey your strategy; show ROI

excel apps

Excel consultant

Search as You Type
Use best techniques

excel apps

Excel consultant

We are Excel Consultants

Chaitanya Sagar, Excel Expert and Excel Consultant
Chaitanya Sagar
Excel Expert

Chaitanya would ask thought provoking questions triggering a new line of thinking.

The team exceeded my expectations.

The team was always available, communicative and flexible.

Our team consists of MBAs, engineers and accounting majors. So, we are good at Marketing, Sales, Finance and Accounting projects.

How it works

We work long-term with companies providing them dedicated teams to continuously help them with efficient tools, save time and money.

  • Get in Touch
    Just use this form to get in touch with us. We respond in 8 hours. (Send any attachments to We discuss with you, often on screen sharing tools like GoToMeeting.
  • We Estimate
  • You Pay Deposit, We Start Work
  • We Provide Mock-ups, Take Your Feedback
  • Demo Final Work
  • We raise final invoice. In-case of ongoing relationships, we bill monthly.

How to Reach Us?

The best way to reach us is to use this form. Send any attachments to We respond in 8 hours. Do mention when we can reach you (We are available daily before 1PM Eastern). We look forward to talking to you!

Excel consultant
email(415) 287 3800 email   
Chaitanya Sagar, Excel Expert and Excel Consultant
Chaitanya Sagar
Excel Expert

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