How to Build Your Business Credit Rating

Management of finance in recession period is challenging. The

credit worthiness of your business plays a major role in your business cash flows. Fastupfront blog has written a good article (How to Build Your Business Credit Rating) on how to improve your business credit rating for borrowing required finance.

Tip #1: Separate your business credit profile from your personal credit.
Tip #2: Register your business with the major credit reporting agencies and monitor reporting.
Tip #3: Make good cash flow management a priority.
Tip #4: Seek out transactions that will improve your credit score.

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How to Write Copy for Short Attention Span

Writing for web or for that matter any medium these days has to deal with the short attention span problem. As a business owner, if you can figure out how to write for short attention spans, you will have a BIG asset. Copyblogger has a good post about how to write for short attention spans.

No matter how gripping your sales copy is, it’s

an unfortunate fact that the majority of people will only read the first few lines of it. Does that mean all the effort you poured into the perfect call to action is wasted? Not at all! But in today’s fast-paced world of communication, less really is more.


Doing Volunteer Work Benefits Small Businesses

Network solutions blog has a nice post about how doing volunteer work benefits small businesses. It’s a good view on doing business itself because your personal network is an important part of what your bring to the table for your business. It also talks about the criteria to choose the voluntary organization. To all this I would add, do the work with the intention of doing good. Business will happen anyway.

As a small business owner you are probably so busy growing and managing your business, satisfying your customers, or other attending to other important considerations that the mere idea of taking time to participate regularly in a volunteer project in your community sounds ridiculous. However, performing community service can be a great way to enhance your business profile, establish

important professional relationships, and gain new customers while at the same time strengthening your community.