‘p2w2’ Launches Voice-enabled Online Services Marketplace for the Flat World

p2w2 betaLisle, IL (PRWEB) July 14, 2008 p2w2 (for PeopleToWorkWith) launched voice-enabled services for its online marketplace services company today. This is the first time that an online market place has introduced voice facilities. With this facility, customers can interact with the service providers directly, giving instructions, feedback, or other information. This online voice facility will dramatically reduce the time taken to complete the service activity and will enhance service efficiencies substantially. p2w2 combines latest technology with an innovative business model to take advantage of a flat world.

Speaking on the launch of this novel facility, Chaitanya Sagar, co-founder and CEO, p2w2, said, “Customers worldwide look for good quality and on-time delivery. Adding the voice capability is the magic formula to cut across the barriers to making this possible. p2w2 enables users to tap into high success rate collaboration platform. My team and I are very excited that the idea has come to life so quickly.”

p2w2 is an online marketplace for services such as writing, online tuitions, medical transcription, accounting, project management, website designing, software and graphic design, virtual assistance, research etc. Its services will support small businesses and individuals in USA, Canada and India to begin with. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity for professionals from these countries to offer their services online. Users of p2w2 can interact directly through a voice system online and save time spent on writing instructions. Voice interaction also allows for accurate customization of the services offered by minimizing communication gap and the time lost in sharing feedback frequently. This is where p2w2 scores over conventional online marketplaces where the process of sharing information is long drawn and often not satisfying.

In short, p2w2 merges latest technology with an innovative business model, utilizing the advantages of a flat world.

p2w2 offers a host of new, customer friendly operations such as one-click edits, on-screen voice editing, quick navigation and simple, user-friendly instructions, among others. Above all, it offers transparency at every step in the process. “We take great care to screen our service providers, quality is the most important mantra for us at p2w2,” added Amit Mullerpattan, co-founder and Vice President-Products, at p2w2. “P2W2 provides a set of tools that lets everyone work on what they truly enjoy doing. Financial success and work-life balance can now happen together.”

p2w2 was launched recently, in a four-location video conference between Lisle, IL, USA and Hyderabad, Kakinada, and Bhogapuram in India.

About p2w2
p2w2(for PeopleToWorkWith) is an online marketplace for services like writing, online tuitions, medical transcription, accounting, project management, website designing, software and graphic design, virtual assistance, research etc. Small businesses and Individuals in the US and Canada can use p2w2 to outsource their service requirements for faster execution and time to market. Capable small businesses and individuals can undertake projects through p2w2 as well. Its blog www.p2w2.com/bloghas received several accolades within the first few months of operation. It has quality posts to help

small businesses and individuals enhance their business performance and be more successful through p2w2. Recent posts include “How twitter can help your small business,” “Freelancer Essentials,” “Small business secrets to hiring,”and “Link building to create massive traffic to your website

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