Five Tips for Creating Website for Business

Your website gives the first impression about your business. It is a reflection upon your company’s personality. While, simplicity is the key, it is difficult to strike a balance between looks and purpose while designing a website. This blog post in Small biz bee offers five tips that can help you create a website that brings


    “If you leave your website’s look and feel strictly to the designers, be prepared to get a beautiful, sexy, artistic site that does everything but make you money.”

Four Ways of Implementing Internet Marketing

No matter which business you own, Internet Marketing is here to stay. But how do you implement it? Russ Henneberry has outlined four options you can consider.

It is true that you can learn all the techniques required to top the search results. However, back linking to get optimized results for your website is a time-consuming process and time, as we know, is something all small business owners are short of. So, managing the entire online marketing process on you own is not very advisable for small business owners. Hiring an in-house search engine optimization specialist is an option. However, this involves a lot of costs and is economical only if you have enough volume to cover the costs incurred. I recommend all small businesses to outsource, specifically to low cost countries, not because we are an outsourcing company, but because I genuinely believe that outsourcing gives the best possible output with the minimum cost of time and resources. In Russ Henneberry’s words,

Outsourcing is a wonderful thing for small business. It allows us to have the best of both worlds – we don’t have to do it ourselves and we don’t have to pay the expense of having a full time employee. If you do your homework on your online marketer and have some good discussions about risk tolerance and expectations you are on your way to online marketing success.

The four options as outlined by him:

1.     Learn how to do it yourself

If your website is going to drive business to you it is going to cost you one of two things: time or money. There are no “magic bullets” that will bring business to your website for a small amount of money and little investment of time on your part.

2.     Hire someone in-house

If the prospective employee is only showing theoretical understanding of online marketing but you feel they have the potential

to learn and the technical background to execute, you can hire this employee for a lower salary and get them some training.If the prospective employee is able to show you actual work they have accomplished and provide you with some idea of the results, you will surely be looking at a higher salary or hourly wage for that hire.

If you plan to let them learn through “trial by error” you could do irreversible damage to your website and your online reputation and waste a tremendous amount of time and money.

3.     Outsource it

4.     Don’t do it at all

If your business is not at the very end of its life, you should absolutely be putting Choice #4 out of your mind as a possible alternative. The web will continue to grow as the marketing medium of choice for small and large businesses alike.

It’s worth a read!