Welcome all

P2W2Welcome to the first post on P2W2’s official blog.

What do we do?

P2W2 is an online marketplace for all services that can be completely delivered online. Services like Accounting, Online Tutoring, Graphic Design, SEO and Technology projects etc. are dealt with on this site. We provide a collaborative platform to buyers and service providers and help them get their work done. We will share with you more details about the features in P2W2.com and how to use them.

What’s the blog for?

This blog is here to help you create a successful

relationship between you and your service provider or your customer. This blog will feature articles providing tips (on bidding, estimation, communication etc.) that will all focus on how you can get more out of your relationship with your service provider/client. We will talk about product features and updates as well.


We at P2W2 are dedicated to create an ideal marketplace by listening to you. Do comment on articles, post your questions and help us serve you better.