How to Improve Google AdWords Quality Score

A couple of weeks back, I attended a webinar on improving Quality Score of Google AdWords, hosted by WordStream, a search engine marketing software company. Quality Score is a numerical measure of how well your Google ads are performing, and is thereby used to determine your ad position as well as your cost per click. Quality Score could be broadly thought as a sum component of all these factors:

  • Click Through Rate (Number of Clicks/Number of Impressions)
  • Relevance of Ad to keywords
  • Landing Page
  • Other Factors

The next part of the webinar focused

on ways to achieve a better Quality Score. Some of the things you can do:

1. Showing ads only to targeted audience will bring down the number of times your ad is shown (impressions), and therefore improve your CTR. Some of the things you could do is filter out showing your ads by geography, day/night time (based on previous performance), making use of phrase/broad/exact search filters and implementing negative keywords for your campaign.

2. Write good quality ad text so that more people will click on your ads. For more information, check out this post on how to write good copywriting text.

3. Use targeted, long tail keywords and bind the keywords tightly to the ad text.


Maintain a good keyword density within your landing page.

The slides of the presentation are available here. Do you think there are more ways to optimize your AdWords performance? Do let us know in the comments section!

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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Backlinking Spam

SEO – love it or hate it, you can’t just ignore it. Whether you are doing SEO for your website yourself, or getting it outsourced,

you would definitely be aware of link building. Speaking of which, one of the most frequent issues that you have to deal with is avoid getting marked as spam, especially when you are trying to get links from blog comments. Writing good comments is not rocket science, all it requires is some additional effort from you. Read on to know what kind of quality standards you should maintain to get some good quality links.

1. Thou shalt not spam
The blogger is giving you a valuable link. So, the least you can do is not spam. I have seen instances where people just visit our blog just in order to get a link from the comment. They write promotional stuff about their website without even bothering to read through the post! There is no way such a comment is going to get approved.

2. Don’t be greedy
Just because a blog is dofollow doesn’t mean you can try to get as many links as possible. Don’t stuff up your comment with links. In fact unless you are pointing out to some resource that might be relevant, don’t use links in the comment at all. After all, you are already getting a link from the URL field.

3. The blogger is human too!
Spare some effort to actually read the post. Doing this will actually create a favorable impression about you, and you might even end up establishing a good relationship with the blogger.

4. Say something of substance
Try to leave some insightful comment rather than a generic “Nice!”, “Good blog!”,etc. As I mentioned earlier, read the post and contribute something of essence. If you don’t have anything useful to say, do not to comment at all.

5. Be a nice

person 🙂
You don’t necessarily have to agree to whatever the blogger says. Even if you are contradicting him/her, there is no need to criticize the post overly. Put down your arguments politely, in a concise and clear fashion.

Follow these steps for quality link building, and you will see that you will observe the difference yourself!

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