How to plan a Business Trip

Chaitanya returned back to India from a 40 day business tour of the US. The trip was a good experience and all of us at p2w2 benefited greatly from what he had to share.

The success of a business trip is highly dependent on the amount of planning that you do beforehand. I’d like to share some insights and learnings that went into planning Chaitanya’s US trip.

1.Have a clear purpose

Make sure you know clearly what the end result of the trip should be(get new customers/expanding to a new geography/learning about new trends,etc). Plan your trip accordingly.

2. Decide the agenda of your trip well in advance

This is essential so that you can book tickets, hotel rooms in advance and thereby save money too. Make sure that you choose your place of stay wisely, so that you don’t spend valuable time commuting.

3. Chalk out events properly

If you’re looking to meet potential clients, attend

referral meetings. If you wish to know more about what is

happening in that geography, what are the new trends, etc. attend seminars and conferences.  But more about planning events and seminars, later!

4.Popularize your meetings

If you’re conducting meetings, plan in advance and make sure it is well publicized. Use tools such as Meetup, Eventbrite, Upcoming, etc. to create buzz around your events.

5. Tweet and blog your experiences!

I hope you found this useful. Keep checking our blog to know what kind of planning needs to go into attending seminars and events specifically!

Letting Go of the Words – An overview

I recently created a presentation that gave an overview about the book Letting Go of the Words by Janice Redish. It is an extremely useful book that focuses writing good web content and creating user-friendly web pages.

The presentation covers the following topics:

1. Why it is important to learn to write good web content

2. How to communicate with the visitors


3. How to focus on the essential messages that need to be conveyed
4. Designing web pages for easy use
5. Copywriting and tuning up your sentences
6. Effective Use of Illustrations
7. How to write good Press Releases

Please check out the presentation here at SlideShare. Hope you find it


SEO for startups and improving conversion

Chaitanya recently made a presentation at Media Camp NYC which was held as part of the Social Media Week initiative at New York. The topic of Chaitanya’s presentation was mainly about SEO strategies for startups and what startups should be doing to improve conversions. Since it is extremely relevant to small businessowners, we are publishing this presentation for our readers’ benefit.

You can view the entire presentation at


SEO for Startups and Improving Conversion

The presentation will help you with the following aspects:

1. How to decide what approach should your SEO strategy take


What elements of SEO you should focus on to get more traffic/business

3. How to optimize your Landing Pages

Do let us know your thoughts in the Comments section!

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