WiseStamp: A Cool Way to Customize Your Email Signature

For emails, most of us use a preset automatic signature which you can customize in the email client’s settings. Suppose you use Gmail client for sending out mails, you might have noticed that though Gmail allows hyperlinks in the form of http://yourwebsite.com, it doesn’t make the links ‘clickable.’ Just take a moment

and imagine the sheer number of emails you send out in a day – making the links ‘clickable’ is definitely a good way to get traffic. However, converting website addresses to clickable URLs manually every time you send a mail is quite a buy viagra hassle.

We recently found this cool add-on for Firefox which provides a solution for this issue. WiseStamp is a great way to add hyperlinks to your signature. It just doesn’t provide you with an option of having clickable URLs – it supports HTML hyperlinks. This means that you can customize your hypertext to suit your URL.

WiseStamp supports various email clients like Gmail (as well as Google Apps), Yahoomail, Hotmail, AOL, etc. You can use WiseStamp to add a logo or an image to your signature. There are also options to add your personal IM profiles (Gtalk, Yahoo messenger, Skype) and your social networking profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Flickr. You can even add an RSS feed, which you can link with your blog, bookmarks,etc. How cool is that!

The only hitch, if any, is that though the Help section mentions that you can personalize your Personal and Business signature for different email IDs, I didn’t find any such Setting to do so. However, it is a very minor issue, and is nothing at all compared to the amazing functionality it otherwise provides.

In case you thought you are restricted by choice of browser, think again. WiseStamp has a version that works with Chrome as well! Here’s the link to add WiseStamp.

We are already using WiseStamp and we love it 🙂 Do let us know if this benefits you!