A good podcast on Effective Teleconferencing

We generic viagra price recently listened to this really cool podcast on Manager Tools which is

about holding an effective teleconference. Teleconferences have become increasingly common these days, and it is as important to follow a basic degree of etiquette in teleconferences, as much as it is in a real face-to-face meeting. The cast lists 20 important points to be kept in mind while you’re in a teleconference. Here’s a gist of the podcast:

1. Treat a teleconference as you would treat a real meeting

2. Be on time – this is especially important for the leader of the meeting

3. Switch off your mobiles/PDAs/emails/IM during the conference call

4. Do not put your phone on Speaker Mode. On a similar note, never use the Mute button.

5. Stick to the agenda

6. Introduce yourself the first time you speak

7. Use technologies(such as Web Huddle, for instance) for file sharing and related tasks

8. Interrupting once in a while is okay

9. Have someone take notes during the call

… And more. By the way, watch out for Point #20 – it is a surprise, and is revealed only at the end of Part 2 of the cast 🙂

Here are the links to the two parts of the podcast:

Effective Teleconferencing – Part 1

Effective Teleconferencing – Part2

Enjoy the casts and let us know your thoughts!

Just as an additional note, we at p2w2, have  weekly tradition called the POP(Pizza Over Podcast) Show, where we listen to/watch a good podcast/video over lunch. We listened to this podcast last week, and found it pretty useful. Oh by the way, we got bored of having pizzas every time – so now though the food varies every week, the name POP Show still remains!!!

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