How to Remove Duplicates?

When we work

with Excel, many times you encounter a situation where you need to remove duplicate records/data, in the following article we tried explaining you ‘How to remove  duplicates’ hope this articles helps you!

Data before removing duplicates

remove duplicates in excel

Data after removing duplicates

remove duplicates excel

Following steps will help us in removing duplicates:

Copy your range of data to a blank section of the worksheet.
Name every column in your data set.
Select a cell in your data set.
From the Data menu, in the Data Tools group choose Remove Duplicates.

how to remove duplicates in excel

Excel displays a dialog box, for selecting the columns that need to be considered. Check the boxes of required columns and check My data has headers box if the data has headers included.

excel remove duplicates

Click OK.

Excel deletes the duplicate records from your dataset. It also displays the number of records removed and the number of records remaining in the sheet.

remove duplicates from excel

Click Ok.

Below is the data after removing duplicates.

delete duplicates in excel


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