How to Split Text into Different Columns?

A feature of Microsoft Excel ‘text to columns’ option under the Data menu allows information in a cell or range of cells to be split into different columns. We find this tends to occur on exported lists of address information.
Below is the data in column B which is to be split in two different columns:

text to columns excel

Following are the steps to split data into different columns using ‘Text to columns’ :

Select the range of data you need to work at.

excel text to columns

Select Data from menu and select Text to

Columns in the Data Tools group.

excel text to column

Check Delimited in the dialog box (1 of 3) and click Next.

split text in excel

In Step 2 of 3, check the box related to the specific separator in the information.
If the separator is
tab, check tab or if the separator

is semicolon, check semicolon and so on.
If the separator is other than the specified check boxes given in the wizard, check Other box and mention the separator in the box for Other:

Select Other in the dialog box (2 of 3) and enter the delimiter used in your data (-) in the box for Other: and click Next.

split text excel

Enter the Destination (C3) to paste the data after splitting and Click Finish.

excel split text

Click Ok in the dialogue box.

text to columns excel

Shown below is the output:


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