How to Use Google Alerts for Small Business

Google Alerts is a free service by Google where you receive email updates about keywords of your choice as and when they appear online – in news, blogs, websites etc. Google Alerts help you keep track

of your industry, your competition and most importantly the websites that talk about your company. has a comprehensive article that suggests 10 ways of getting the best out of Google Alerts for your business.

#1. Personal name, Business name, Domain name – Set alerts for these to know about who is talking about you, your business where.

#2. Blogs – If you blog or submit articles to other blogs, you can keep track about where your articles are appearing.

#3. Industry & Competitive Research – You can know about the current happenings in your industry and know what your competition is upto.

#4. Client Research – You can create alerts to find who is looking for the services you provide. You can also keep up with the activities of your existing or potential client

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