Our Very First Testimonials

We have our very own testimonials – for the first time. Thanks to Emil, Jason and Sanooj.  I would like to share the happy occasion with you. Here they are:

“I am very happy with your services, and have no hesitation in recommending you to other businesses. The quality control and communication you provide makes me want to use p2w2 for all outsourcing.p2w2 testimonial

Emil Pindur

Marketing Results

* * * * *

“I highly recommend p2w2’s service and it’s capability to bring highly skilled global professionals to service small businesses in the US.

I contacted p2w2 for a marketing project to redesign our email newsletter. With a short deadline and an even shorter budget, I was very impressed that the project met all the requirements. The email sent to 30,000 customers worldwide

exceeded performance of the three previous monthly newsletters with a 10% higher click-through rate and driving over 2,000 new visitors.”

p2w2 testimonialJason D’Mellop2w2 testimonial

Marketing Manager

Guitar Salon

* * * * *

“I feel fortunate to work with such a dedicated team. Working with p2w2 helped us improve our project management and soft skills. This in turn helped in offering better deliverables to the client. I could access variety of projects on p2w2 and the website enables customer interaction end to end.”

p2w2 testimonialSanooj P Cp2w2 testimonial

Project Manager

Saparya Infotech

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