How to Print Only Selected Objects in Excel?

Printing in Excel is a bit different than printing in some other programs, such as a word processor. Printing selected objects is one of the special features in Excel.

Worksheet with Objects.

Print out with selected objects.

The steps below guide us to print only selected objects , from a number of objects (i.e. controls, images, shapes etc) in a worksheet.

Select the required check boxes.

Press Alt+f11.

A ‘Microsoft visual basic‘ window appears.

Double click on ‘This Workbook’. The cursor appears in the space at the right

side, under the Workbook tab.

Now type the code below:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint (Cancel As Boolean)

Dim CBX As CheckBox

For Each CBX In ActiveSheet.CheckBoxes

If CBX.Value = xlOff Then CBX.PrintObject = False

Next CBX

End Sub

After writing the macro, go to the worksheet and print the page, Now you can see the print out with selected objects only.



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